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Building the brand of a passionate Australian Tennis player

Nick Kyrios
Project Type

Profile Rebrand and Foundation Launch

The Challenge

It’s safe to say Nick Kyrios has built an interesting reputation in the world of sport. His actions on court have created an image of being the bad boy of Australian Tennis, so when he approached us to refresh his personal brand and to help with the launch of the NK Foundation, we had an interesting brief on our hands.

Our task was to find a direction that was flexible to work both for his sports persona but also align to a Foundation created to give underprivileged kids access to sports and support. It was important for us to get a real understanding of Nick, what makes him tick and his reasons for setting up the Foundation. 

The Strategy

We knew that updating someone’s brand on paper doesn’t mean they change how they act or perform. Instead we wanted to play to what Nick is famous for and use that to our advantage. What we discovered was a guy that speaks his mind and wears his emotions on his sleeve but truly cares about giving others a chance of have something better. It was in this passion that we found a common ground that could work across both his personal brand and the tone for the Foundation.

We also discovered that Nick shared a love for Basketball, which lead to the idea of developing a brand mark that highlighted both sides of his sporting personality. This complemented his passions for giving kids a proper chance to experience a range of sports through the facilities available at the NK Foundation.

The Solution

We created a brand mark that took influence from both the world of Tennis and Basketball. The shape forms the letters N K but are stylised to look like the lines of a basketball in one case and an overhead view of a Tennis court as another. The centre line is meant to highlight the tennis net while the shapes that form the N and K look like tennis balls bouncing off the net. From this we developed a treatment and colour palette that allowed us to extend the logo mark across both brands and give the NK Foundation a more playful visual style.

From this we developed the positioning line: 'Play True.' The line talks to Nick's honesty and passion when on court and for speaking his mind about what matters to him and his love of sport.

Websites were then produced and developed for both his personal profile and the Foundation, each providing a range of information including a live feed to upcoming events, social media content, articles, merchandise and imagery. Extending the brand further we created a range of merchandise including T-Shirts, and Caps that are now available from the NK Foundation website.

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