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Dramatising the emotional connection between viewers and their LG OLED TVs

Project Type
OLED TV Marketing Campaign

The Challenge

Advertising for new TVs has become increasingly homogenous as brands vie to be first to market with a range of technical ‘advances’. From a customer point of view, many of these (3D, curved screens) have felt a little gimmicky and short lived. At the same time, the screens themselves have started to look increasingly alike. Our challenge was to make LG’s OLED screens an attractive proposition for a customer base that was becoming more cynical.  

The Strategy

Rather than pitching LG’s technology against their rivals in the usual ‘our tech is more advanced than yours’ way, our strategy was to bring the customer into the conversation by asking them to describe in their own words why they chose LG OLED over an ordinary LCD. Challenging them to compare and contrast the two TVs would give us an authentic, non-jargon review of LG TVs.

The Solution

We asked four Australian families, all of who had previously bought LG OLED TVs to give us candid testimonials in their own homes.  Each family member gave us natural, unscripted descriptions of their viewing experience intercut with the on-screen footage they were viewing. The results felt honest, authentic and more believable because real customers were telling the LG story.

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