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Meet Lux, Australia's smartest online recruitment platform

Project Type
Recruitment Platform

The Challenge

Today’s jobseekers are looking for more than a new role and a pay packet, they want a workplace that aligns with their needs, values and personality. At the same time, employers want to attract the best candidates and hire individuals who fit with their culture. CareerOne benefits both parties by getting them talking.

The Strategy

We helped CareerOne create a platform enabling companies to showcase their vision, values and culture in a clear and engaging way. Jobseekers can gain a true insight into the company they are considering and make informed career choices.

The Solution

The Lux recruitment platform provides a smart search facility, quickly connecting jobseekers with jobs and companies that match their profile. They can then gain a deeper understanding of the company’s culture, work environment and people. Online chats and social media enable dialogue to take place allowing both parties to determine if the match has potential. Lux was built for a mobile platform, providing users access the platform anywhere, scaling up to a fully responsive site.


Another useful feature of the CareerOne site is ‘Career Coach’. The feature been designed to help job seekers plan the next step in their career path, serving them roles relevant to their experience. It works by tallying keywords from their uploaded CV with upcoming jobs and courses. The information is also shared with recruiters who may know of jobs or educational courses that could assist their career.

The Results

Within 12 weeks over 350 major employers have voted with their feet and have come on board. Feedback from job seekers and employers has been very positive.

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